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The Winner's Bible by Dr Kerry Spackman

publication date: Jan 7, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates
The Winner's BibleThe Winner's Bible is the culmination of Dr Kerry Spackman's work with elite sportsmen and world champions. In the book, a set of tools is provided for the reader to "rewire" her brain for to achieve their full potential. Kerry Spackman cites the case of a woman addicted to drugs – two sessions with him and she was cured! If only we all had such a mentor in our lives!

Tools not rules is something Dr Spackman emphasises throughout The Winner's Bible and he says this is what distinguishes his book from so many other self-help titles available. As you learn about the techniques you also have to carry out specific tasks culminating in your personal winner's bible which, Kerry Spackman claims, is what will revolutionise your thinking if you use it every day.

For the purposes of this review I read the book straight through and have now gone back to complete the tasks, some of which are easier than others. Dr Spackman acknowledges that it is sometimes hard to identify our own strengths and weaknesses and friends might not feel comfortable telling them to your face. So you register at www.winnersbible.com and send an email to your friends inviting them to comment anonymously. The website facility only sends you results after at least four people have commented and the paragraphs are mixed up so you shouldn't be able to guess who said what – I haven't received mine back yet so I don't know how effective this is.

Personally, I think it must be wonderful to have Kerry Spackman as a personal consultant/life coach to help you focus on your goals and get the best from your life. However working on one's own with a book is less satisfying. I have no problem with strengths and weaknesses but finding images to illustrate my goals is proving difficult and the chapter on Emotional Transformation in which you have to find a Substitute Situation seems totally beyond me! But I persevere.

The Winner's Bible is full of excellent, sensible advice and anyone – from parents to students applying to university – working through the book diligently is bound to come up with new insights into their character and discover ways to improve life.

The Winner's Bible is available from www.winnersbible.com and from Amazon:

Winner's Bible, The: Rewire Your Brain for Permanent Change (Winners Institute)