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Happy New Year

publication date: Jan 1, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates
Anne CoatesA new year and a new decade begin today. A time to take stock, plan for the future and think about what we really want from life and for our families.

Whatever changes you want to effect in your life it's best to be specific and to break projects down into manageable portions.

Harness your energies for what you really want to accomplish not what you think you ought to do.
Aim high – you may surprise yourself at how much you can achieve.
Persevere – if at first you don't succeed is an important maxim to follow.
Perfect and hone your skills - if you're not sure what you are good at, ask other people.
Yearn for what you really want but not for what you know you can't have.

Negotiate within the family so you each have some time for yourself.
Expand your networks – offer to help others and they'll reciprocate.
Watch out for time-wasters – they will sap your energies.

Yield when you know you can't win.
Enjoy something each day.
Anticipate setbacks but don't give up.
Relax when you can – everyone needs to recharge their batteries!