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Rosemary Conley's Real Results Workout DVD

publication date: Jan 14, 2010
author/source: Julia Bairstow
Real Workout DVDHaving gained weight over the Christmas period,  now is always a good time to make those New Year resolutions and consider getting fit and shedding those extra pounds! That was what I thought anyway, when given Rosemary Conley's Real Results DVD to review.

The DVD is divided into seven workouts and begins with a brief explanation of the aims and benefits of the individual sections, described by Rosemary Conley herself, who does look remarkable for her age! She emphasises that each of the different workouts, which are designed to help you lose weight, burn fat and tone up the muscles, should be combined with a low fat diet for optimum results.

Rosemary Conley points out that it is essential to use the seven minute initial warm up if you intend to follow the 23 minute aerobic fat burning exercise. However all the other workouts can be used independently or combined with others for the amount of time one has available.

Each section is also graded according to ability, which is particularly encouraging for the novice like me, who is able to follow the easy option within the different workouts. The fit person can work through the advanced options.  The women shown carrying out the workouts range from teens to sixties, proving that no matter what your age everyone can participate and benefit.

I found Rosemary Conley's Real Results DVD easy to follow with clear instructions given throughout although the co-ordination of some of my movements will hopefully improve with practice! I also found the accompanying music, including Sister Sledge and Steps, quite pleasant to listen to.

I have worked through the different sections of the DVD on a few occasions for relatively short periods of time as I am not particularly fit! I especially like the way the DVD is designed for all ages and abilities. As I would really like to lose weight, I intend to use it regularly and perhaps I may actually achieve one of my New Year's resolutions this year, rather than abandon them half way through January!

Rosemary Conley's DVD is available from Amazon. To order, click the link below:

Rosemary Conley's Real Results For Real Women Workout [DVD] [2009]