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Don't be depressed - six easy steps to change your life by William Holden

publication date: Jan 18, 2010
author/source: Dr William Holden
Dr Will HoldenWhat most people don’t fully appreciate is what’s stopping them succeeding – is them, not their lack of skills or abilities. Human beings have virtually unlimited potential to achieve. The old adage that “you can do anything when you put your mind to it” is true – it’s just that most people never get shown how to properly use the super-computer in their heads, the mind, to succeed at just about everything.

When human beings learn to change their thinking, their lives change to match. Here are my top tips for breaking down the barriers that prevent people living the lives they’ve always wanted.

  1. Not knowing what you want: you don’t fail to achieve in life through lack of talent or ability, you fail through lack of purpose. When most people are asked what they want … they can’t tell you, their goals are vague and wishy-washy…s o set clear goals, write them down.
  2. Not wanting it enough: your goals are often no more than fantasies, turn into wishes and hopes not genuine desires. Often you don’t need a particular set of skills and abilities to achieve; you need to want to achieve it enough! Once the desire reaches a certain level, the mind takes over and people become unstoppable.
  3. Not believing you deserve a better life: many people don’t believe they are worthy to live the life they want. “Who am I to think I could have a life like that” is their limiting mantra. my response is “Who are you NOT to have the life you want?”
  4. Not taking action: 95 per cent of being able to live the life you’ve always wanted is accomplished by taking the first positive action in the right direction.
  5. Not being prepared for setbacks: many people who begin the journey towards building the life they want quit after the first setback. Failure does not lie in falling over; it lies in not getting up and trying again.
  6. Not being able to focus on the end result:  people fail to use their imagination properly to see and feel how the life they want will positively impact on them. You need to have achieved it already in your mind, and bask in the glory, before it’s happened! That gives you the energy and enthusiasm, creativity and determination you need to succeed.

Dr William Holden is Chairman of Sewells, an internationally renowned organisation providing behavioural transformation and business change programmes. After a successful career teaching at the University of Glasgow, Will took a vice presidential role with a global finance and insurance services provider, where he worked for ten years before establishing his own company.

He has since helped tens of  thousands of people worldwide and is considered an international authority on personal development. Dr Holden's book the guide is available from Amazon. To order a copy, click the link below:

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