Making it as an Entrepreneur with Rasheed Ogunlaru

publication date: Oct 29, 2008
author/source: Anne Coates

There are many times in life when it’s good to stop and take stock of where and who you are and where and who you want to be. For many of us, having someone to guide and hold up a metaphorical mirror to reflect and affirm our achievements while gently nudging us to plan ahead and go for what we really want is a major advantage.

Life coach Rasheed Ogunlaru, who regularly contributes articles to PWT, is one such person. During this intensive two-hour workshop he facilitates progression, helping you to cut to the chase in what is important to you, and offers creative and innovative ways to approach change and improvement.

I have known Rasheed for about five years but it was the first time I had met him in person at his workshop and he’s even more impressive in the flesh! He exudes enthusiasm, confidence and passion for helping people articulate their thoughts and define their objectives to become more focused, motivated and productive – and ultimately happier at home and at work. It can be an emotional journey when someone realises that they need to make major changes in career or personal life but it’s worth it!

These are two hours well spent and I’d recommend the workshops to anyone whatever they do in life. It might be an idea for Rasheed to run a similar course for older teenagers who need to decide the type of career and training that would be most applicable to them.

The workshops take place at the British Library Business & IP Centre in London. As a business coach partner of the library, Rasheed is able to offer them at the extremely reasonable price of £25.

Future workshops
10am to12 noon 18 November and 5 December 2008,  27 January, 25 February and 26 March 2009

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