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Unlock your brain power with Tony Buzan

publication date: Oct 20, 2008
author/source: Anne Coates

According to Tony Buzan, most of us mere mortals only use about ten per cent of our brain’s total capacity and he wants us all to discover what it’s like to use some of our untapped potential.

Having attended one of Tony Buzan’s one day training courses, I’ve witnessed at first hand the “world’s leading author” on the brain and learning as he convinced  his audience that they can achieve much more than they’d ever thought they could or would.

On stage Tony Buzan is dynamic and mesmerising – there’s never a dull moment throughout his presentations and he certainly keeps you on your metaphorical toes!

Tony Buzan is a testament to his own philosophy. A fit man in his 60s who, as you can see from his Mind Map CV has his fingers in many pies. He believes in having a fit and healthy body to as well as a limbered up brain.

Mind Mapping and Speed Reading are two skills that we could all make use of and pass on to our children. However it was from my own daughter that I first saw the maps that she called spider charts – like a web – that she drew as an aid to revision. It looked good to me so that’s how I planned the synopsis for my last and next book.

Tony is a great believer in using colour and curved lines to achieve the most from the Mind Maps as you can see from his own. Once you get the hang of them you wonder how you ever managed before! This is a real investment in your future  and you can then show your children how to use them to plan essays and revision. Mind Maps can be used for any projects and will help you think creatively and laterally.

Tony tailors his presentations to the needs of the audience commenting: “I want everyone who attends my courses to come away with a different perspective on themselves, their skills and their creative abilities. I guarantee that nobody in my audience will ever view his or her mind in the same way again!”

Tony is holding the first of the Mind Mapping and Speed Reading courses at Henley Management College, Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire on 9 and 10 December 2008.

Further courses follow during 2009 in London (3 and 5 March) – and later in the year, in Edinburgh and Manchester.

Visit www. Buzanworld.com for more information and to book online - £346.63  per course (£295.00 + VAT).