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publication date: Dec 13, 2008
author/source: Anne Coates

Speaking With Authenticity is run by two actors: Serena Evans and Michael Charlesworth, who have made it their mission to pass on the skills of their craft to people from all walks of life. If you've ever had to stand up to make a speech you'll know just how terrifying it can be - and it doesn't seem to get any easier! So I went along to a day's course in London with some trepidation - so had the other attendees!

Serena and Michael are not "luvvies" but really nice, down to earth individuals who just happen to earn their living on stage (or film or TV!) and they are happy to pass on the tricks of their trade. They immediately tried to put us at our ease but that didn't mean it was an easy run. The morning began with warm-up exercises (there were more later plus games) and each of us had to present ourselves for two or three minutes. Once we had relaxed - a little - the course was really fun.

Throughout the day we were filmed and given a DVD of our efforts at the end of the course. This was to show the progress we'd made (but didn't always make easy watching!). What the course aims to provide the delegate with is the confidence and enthusiasm to speak in public and be heard and listened to.

Last week I gave a talk and led a discussion about motherhood  for a school's Year 10 pupils. The girls and their three teachers looked a formidable audience. The Speaking With Authentiticy course didn't make me less nervous but at least I knew how to disguise the signs, secure in the knowledge that they heard my every word!

Speaking with Authenticity offers bespoke courses for businesses and individuals. 2009 dates for London courses are:
Part 1:
10 February, 30 April, 28 May, 2 July, 8 September, 22 October.

Part 2:
24 March, 16 June, 1 October, 19 November
Price: £250 + VAT

Contact: 07931 775 342 or info@speakingwithauthenticty.co.uk

To find out more visit their website: www.speakingwithauthenticity.co.uk