A Girl's Guide to Being Fearless

publication date: Nov 18, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates

A Girl's Guide To Being FearlessA Girl's Guide to Being Fearless subtitled How To Find Your Brave by Suzie Lavington and Dr Andy Cope who guide teenage girls to find their best selves.

The publication date falls during Anti-Bullying Week 2020 (16 to 20 November), and 'The Chapter About Bullying' is dedicated to providing strategies for overcoming this based on common sense and practical tips.

Exams (and the fear of) and relationship pressures have always been a part of for teens but this year has been made much worse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fear is a tiny word for a big emotion. Being fearful can limit what you can achieve in life and how much you enjoy being you. Being crippled by fear causes an epidemic of anxiety, stress and worry. Being worried about:

  • doing something different from your friends;
  • being proud of what you can do;
  • standing out from the crowd daring to challenge and so on

Authors Suzie Lavington and Dr Andy Cope say it's time to turn the tables, rise above the panic and fight back. Reading A Girl's Guide to Being Fearless will show girls how.

  • It is designed to help girls to:
  • Boost their confidence and smash through self-limiting beliefs
  • Light up the people around them and attract brilliant things into their lives
  • Be a class act, on and off-line
  • Bounce back when the lows get really low
  • Love the skin they're in
  • Be excited for your future

In short, it aims to help girls find their BRAVE.

The book is written in an accessible style with balloons containing inspirational quotes from everyone from Oscar Wilde to bestselling author Matt Haig and hearts displaying facts and received wisdom. Nothing particularly revolutionary but good information and guidance brought together in one volume. 

Aimed at girls in their teens, it will probably resonate with their mothers as well. My one concern is whether girls will actually plough through a book like this. Maybe adults should keep it at hand to direct daughters/granddaughters to relevant chapters as the need arises. A book to buy and keep visible for easy access.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

A Girl's Guide to Being Fearless: How to Find Your Brave by Suzie Lavington and Dr Andy Cope is published by Capstone and available from Amazon and bookshops.