Look Out! Hungry Animals by Paul Delaney

publication date: Feb 7, 2024

Loook Out! Hungry Lion   Look Out! Hungry Snake

Kumusha Books, a new imprint from HarperCollins Children's Books, have just launched the first two books in the Look Out! Hungry Animals series by Paul Delaney: Hungry Snake and Hungry Lion, both hide-and-seek flap books for little ones. 

Hungry Lion

It’s dinnertime and Hungry Lion is in the mood for something to eat… but his prey see him coming! Will Lion end up with anything to munch or will Monkey, Zebra, Buffalo, Elephant and Hare defeat him? 

Hungry Snake 

It’s dinnertime but with Snake’s prey running away or refusing to be eaten, will she end up with anything on her plate? Toad, Mouse, Owl, Deer and Fish are determined not to be the "plat du jour"!  

The format of these books with six spreads and five sturdy flaps is perfect for little hands and children will love discovering who’s hiding on each page in this funny and playful introduction to the food chain!  

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Kumusha Books, curated by publisher Ken Wilson-Max, will be publishing established authors and illustrators alongside “a steadfast commitment to seek new voices from different communities” and aims to be a “globally inclusive, empathy-led, commercial list of high-quality books for children highlighting similarities over differences and reflecting the rich make-up of culturally diverse places."