Uh-oh Niko Bathtime and Uh-oh Niko Bedtime by Chris Chatterton

publication date: Apr 16, 2024
author/source: Anne Coates

Uh-oh Nico Bathtime  Uh-oh Niko Bedtime


Thirteen month old Lizzie's eyes lit up when she saw two new books had arrived. She loves her board books and especially so those with flaps. The two: Uh-oh Niko Bathtime and Uh-oh Nico Bedtime by Chris Chatterton have the added attraction of sliders. It didn't take Lizzie long to work out the sliders.

The books describe the bath and bedtime routines of Niko, the cute but clumsy bear. Niko's playtime in the park in the rain visiting the pond with its ducks, fish and frog, leaves him muddy and wet – time for a bath...and the opportunity for illustrations of lots of bubbles and toys.  

And so on to Bedtime and another brightly coloured images depicting the Niko's routine leading up to going to bed and sleep.

The text is minimal but the illustrations offer lots of opportunity for dialogue and discussions. like where's Niko's nose, where's your nose and so on.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥ 

Published by Ladybird Books, Uh-oh Niko Bathtime and Uh-oh Nico Bedtime by Chris Chatterton are availabel from bookshops and online.