DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse Mystery Cat Box: Clay

publication date: Jul 2, 2024
author/source: Christine Mayle

Mystery Cat Box – Clay

Our granddaughter (aged seven) is an ardent Gabby Dollhouse fan and straight away loved this DreamWorks Gabby's Dollhouse Mystery Cat Box Clay. It is easy to use and needed literally no supervision. She was soon able to create realistic looking mini cupcakes and doughnuts. No extra equipment was required as all was contained within the kit. Always a bonus I think.

There are the usual (only to an adult's eyes) Gabby’s Dollhouse garish colours. Naturally children adore these, particularly if they are collectors like our granddaughter.

The box, the kit comes in, is also a neat storage case for tidying away. There are various different coloured clays, a mould, a variety of decorations and a Cakey cat charm. With these our granddaughter was able to use her imagination to tackle her own creations from scratch. As a keen reader (and being particularly observant) she was able to follow the instructions, and create her own designs.

The colours of the clay and packaging mirrors what you might expect from Gabby’s Dollhouse – especially appealing to children. As usual the quality of the product is excellent. The only downside when I asked our granddaughter for her views "I wish I had more clay, Nana’". I think this amounts to very positive praise.

This makes an excellent gift for a child’s birthday, where perhaps you don’t know the child particularly well. I think parents will understand this: Those parties where the invite goes out to the whole class and you are void of ideas!

Highly recommended. 

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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