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myFirst Camera 3

publication date: Jul 9, 2024
author/source: Christine Mayle

myFirst Camera 3For a long time now our grandson (just turned four) has been borrowing my iPhone to take photos – some successful, others not so! The occasional foot, misplaced finger or an actual insect cluttering my phone's storage. However, myFirst Camera 3 came to the rescue. At last my iPhone is no longer needed for taking photos or videos. Better still it looks like a scaled down version of a digital camera that his parents use.   

The myFirst company has developed an excellent reputation for designing equipment for children and this camera is no different. It is good quality, robust, attractive to a child’s eye (especially the endearing, bright dinosaur carrying pouch) and imaginative in design. 

Unlike many other electronic cameras on the market this one resists the temptation of including games and loud music. It provides a good but simple experience of photography that means the child has to engage directly with the surrounding environment rather than sit with a game or listen to music. As many parents know these are easy distractions for children and they become lost within the technology.  

It also has a selfie camera, a light and a lanyard to prevent it falling to the ground if dropped. Furthermore, the resolution of the photos is good. It is a perfect size for smaller hands and the sturdy buttons are easy to use. The hard plastic outer is wipeable, meaning sticky fingerprints are got rid of without fuss. It comes in three colours, pink and blue and orange/green each with its own shockproof character pouch: Cute Kitty, Cool Dinosaur and Chill Giraffe. 

Finally photos can be downloaded to a computer for manipulation. Yet more great play.   

The most important features of myFirst Camera 3 are:

  • 16MP camera for quality, high pixel images and video 
  • New macro lens for taking close-ups
  • Selfie lens above the screen – just push the selector button 
  • 32GB microSD card 
  • Preloaded frames to give your child insta-like photos

My grandson and I highly recommend this myFirst Camera 3 and we look forward to taking it on adventures with us in the coming months if not years.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

myFirst Camera 3 retails at £89