Crystal Card Kit

publication date: Dec 6, 2018
author/source: Anne Coates



So many us have grown up with "painting by numbers" and here we have the concept brought into the modern day as “bling by numbers” with "Toy of the Year" award nominee DIY Crystal Card Kit.

The Crystal Art concept, commonly known as "diamond painting", is a universally popular craft suitable for adults and children (ages eight plus) alike and is available in a variety of formats, including greetings cards, wall art, sticker form (Crystal Art motifs) and LED wall canvases.

Having partnered with renowned artists such as Claudia Hahn (award-winning BBC wildlife artist), Randal Spangler (USA) and Kentaro Nishino (Japan), Craft Buddy Ltd have established the craft as a growing trend across mainstream Europe over the last 12 months. Its designs are now firmly set on the UK market.

Using the pick-up pencil, simply lift the flat-backed crystals and place them onto the adhesive card for instant stick. The results are sparkly, beautiful cards, either in a Christmas, Valentine’s or birthday theme. A plus factor is that there is absolutely no mess. Harriet has been engrossed in making her card and loves it although she was initially perplexed by the writing as we were sent a German version of Merry Christmas. It's really easy to use and the finished card is really effective.

The therapeutic benefits of Crystal Art are proven, with its ability to lower stress levels, increase attention span and develop cognitive skills. By combining Crystal Art with the tradition of card-making, the spirit of Christmas is given a unique twist.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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