Bing – My Reward Chart Sticker Activity Book

publication date: Mar 17, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates

Bing My reward Chart Sticker Activity BookBing – My Reward Chart Sticker Activity Book is perfect for pre-schoolers who love the CBeebies animated series.

This beautifully presented activity book covers all the topics that two to five-year-olds struggle to accomplish:

  • Taking Turns
  • Being Kind and Caring
  • Being Careful
  • Being Brave
  • Catching the Toilet Train
  • Good Listening
  • Trying Hard
  • Saying Please
  • SaYing Thank You
  • Being Helpful
  • Tidying Up
  • Having a Bath
  • Brushing my Teeth
  • Being a Good Friend

Each activity has a few sentences as an intro with some fabulous illustrations with places to attach stickers and each provides plenty of scope for chatting with your toddler. In the centre of the book is a chart which can be removed and stuck up somewhere.for the week ahead with an extra column for rewards.

Children love reward charts and for those who adore Bing this is the ideal book.

The stickers are reusable so can be pulled off and used again for the following week.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Bing My Reward Chart Sticker Activity Book (Bing) from HarperCollins Children's Books is available from Amazon and bookshops.