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Something Fishy About Reading

publication date: Jun 20, 2016
author/source: Anne Coates

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While many parents worry about the amount of time their children spend using technology and a ware of the importance of reading skills many do not make the link between nutrition and lifestyle with academic achievement.

Philip Calder, Professor of Nutritional Immunology at the University of Southampton, states:

"We know that diet and lifestyle have a huge impact on our health, and the more we learn about the neurobiology of the brain the more obvious it becomes that our diet and lifestyle also have a huge impact on our cognitive health.

"We may not yet fully understand the all the mechanisms, but it is clear that reading and other mental activities and consuming the right nutrients help build and maintain a cognitive reserve in the same way that calcium and physical exercise help build bone density..."

A survey of 1000 parents of children aged four to 16 conducted by OnePoll for Equazen revealed that screen time was seven times longer than reading time and more than half of these children had difficulty concentrating. 

Reading is vital for development, health, relaxation and social skills and this continues throughout life. Nutrients help to support reading and learning – and the most important of these are the long chain fatty acids, EPA and DHA found in oily fish.

So how much oily fish do you and your family consume on a weekly basis? The chances are you don't follow the recommended twice a week advice. Yet fish is the preferred source of DHA (found in omega-3) which has been found to promote brain and eye development and mental and visual function plus improve:

  • cognition in children
  • behaviour in children
  • mood in children – and adults
  • sleep in children
  • brain metabolism and reduce brain imflammation

Supplements, therefore, are a viable back-up to ensure everyone in the family is getting enough omega-3.

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