Get Ready For Summer By Topping Up on Vital Nutrients

publication date: May 10, 2024
author/source: Dr Carrie Ruxton


What we eat really can influence the health of our skin and hair so it’s worth getting your diet in order well before summer, or before that holiday. 

Remember, nutrients should be obtained from eating a balanced diet, but where this is not possible, or where people need additional support to meet their nutritional needs, vitamin and mineral supplements provide a reliable source of additional nutrition.

My top nutrition tips to get ready for a summer of fun and outdoor life

Skin saviours – skin can easily dry out thanks to sunburn and sea salt. As well as using a good quality sun cream and post-sun moisturiser, make sure you get enough vitamin A in your diet by eating lots of carrots, red and yellow peppers, broccoli, eggs and dairy foods. B vitamins and vitamin C also support normal skin. When travelling, make sure you take your multivitamins and multiminerals with you, a good probiotic can also be a useful addition to your luggage.

Joint care – we all get more active in the summer, but this can lead to joint aches and pains if you’re not used to regular exercise. Fish oils and glucosamine can both help to support joints while magnesium is important for normal muscle function. Aim to include fish in your diet twice a week and take an omega-3 or a multivitamin and multimineral every day.

Holiday hair – if swimming pools or straighteners are playing havoc with your hair, give it a boost by choosing foods rich in biotin and zinc. Good sources include seafood, lean meats and poultry, beans, nuts and soya. Vitamin B supplements should also contain biotin as it forms part of the B complex of vitamins.

Strong stomachs – nothing puts a damper on the summer holidays like bloating and digestive problems! Studies show that taking a probiotic supplement for a few weeks before you travel can reduce your chance of picking up a diarrhoea or vomiting bug.

Nice nails – nails are often on display when we switch to summer clothes, but cracks and splits can be a problem. Both selenium and zinc are vital for normal nail health so try to eat more poultry meats and fish. A handful of Brazil nuts, or some dried mango provides 100 per cent of your daily selenium recommendation or you could try a multivitamin and multimineral supplement.

Dr Carrie Ruxton is a dietician from the Health and Food Supplements Information Service (HSIS)