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Giving up smoking with QuitKey

publication date: Feb 18, 2010
QuitKeyThe QuitKey smoking cessation device alters your smoking routine and weans you off cigarettes gradually. The QuitKey handheld device creates a personalised gradual reduction programme to help you kick cigarettes once and for all. QuitKey reminds you when to smoke and when not to smoke. Step by step. Hour by hour. One day at a time.

QuitKey has been developed and proven effective in studies funded by grants from the United States National Institute of Health. Results from clinical trials showed that 84 per cent of patients had either completely given up smoking or had reduced their smoking rate by 50 per cent. One year follow-ups showed that all patients who had given up smoking reported continuous abstinence.

QuitKey works in two stages. The first stage lasts seven days during which you smoke at your normal rate and use the QuitKey smoke button to record every cigarette you smoke. QuitKey compiles this data and uses the information to build your personalised quit plan.

Stage two follows immediately and can last from 14 to 34 days, depending on the data compiled during stage one. During stage two, QuitKey helps you follow your quit plan by prompting you when to smoke. Each day you will smoke less and gradually reduce your nicotine dependence. With this gradual, step-down method you're preparing yourself to quit cigarettes for good, drug-free and without chemical-induced side effects. If you have a bad day, QuitKey uses its improved algorithms to help adjust the programme accordingly, making it easier than before to kick the habit.

Small and discreet, QuitKey is designed to be carried on a keychain and has an adjustable volume so that you can carry QuitKey with you at all times and keep your stop-smoking programme to yourself.

Quitkey costs £39.95 and is available in the UK exclusively from www.anhealth.co.uk or by calling 0844 567 9374.