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Postman Pat – A Speedy Delivery

publication date: Aug 10, 2010
author/source: Georgina Collins

Postman Pat dvdHaving a younger brother, who had been a big fan of everyone’s favourite postie and his black and white cat, I was perhaps more enthusiastic than I should admit to review Postman Pat Special Delivery Service – A Speedy Delivery.  My 3 ½ year old son, Sandy, matched my enthusiasm when I eagerly suggested we watch the new DVD together before dinner. 

Having not seen Postman Pat for nearly 20 years I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Imagine my relief when the familiar theme tune came on. My favourite bit!  Sandy was very amused by my singing along and joined in, correcting my lyrics with his own version.  I didn’t like to argue.

Ok, so Greendale isn’t quite the sleepy little village that I remembered. Pat not only has a motorbike these days but alsoo a helicopter! Of course he mainly uses his trusty van but when there’s a “special delivery” out comes the helicopter. 

There is also a catchy special delivery song, which for me wasn’t a patch on the opening tune but Sandy liked it. Plus there is a modern, high tech sorting office which I’m pretty sure wouldn’t get planning permission in the Dales...

There are four episodes on the DVD:

  •  A slippery ice cube
  • Naughty Pumpkin
  • Super magnet
  • A disco machine.

All of them involve Pat being rather accident-prone and then having to fix things to save the day, which of course he does – “special delivery service mission accomplished”! 

Sandy was glued to the spot whilst watching Postman Pat, although he found episode 2 by far the funniest.  Various references to the activities in Greendale have been made over the last few days.  Apparently the scrambled eggs he helped me cook were for the Chinese festival, as in episode 1.  But when asked episode 2 was his favourite because Pat “clip-clopped away”! 

A definite hit.

Postman Pat - A Speedy Delivery [DVD] is available from Amazon.