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Horrible Histories – Series Three

publication date: May 20, 2011
author/source: Joan Wilson
Horrible Histories Series Three

Based on the books by Terry Deary, who pops up from time to time playing a series of cameos, my favourite of which is the Venerable Bede, Series Three of the Horrible Histories is an absolutely hilarious and clever way to teach children historical facts and to make them remember them.
Series Three covers every era from Stone Age to World War One and we learn, among many other facts, how Elizabeth I moved out of her palace when the toilets were being cleaned and descended upon an unsuspecting courtier who, along with his family, she promptly removed from their home so that she could stay for a while.
We were also treated to an hilarious episode of Historical Masterchef  where the presenters are being asked to taste (among other things) a dish of frogs spawn cooked by the Aztecs  – ugh!
We also sang along to a new song for this series which is a novel way to learn the names of the Kings and Queens of England!
In addition, we were shown an episode of Gory Games which is a spin-off from the above series. It will be shown as 13 x 26 minute episodes. Presented by Dave Lamb (Come Dine With Me) and Rattus Rattus of Horrible Histories' fame. Three young competitors answer questions on topics such as Vicious Vikings, Gorgeous Georgians, Awful Egyptians etc. The winners of the quiz round then go onto a physical game relating to a specific era. Many of these games involve an awful lot of gory goo!  
After literally aching with laughter, we all felt that from what we saw, Series Three of Horrible Histories is going  to be the best so far!

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Photo © BBC