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Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough

publication date: May 14, 2011
author/source: Brian O'Neill
Flying Monsters 3D

Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough
is a fabulous film, that educated and entertained in equal measure. The 3D was stunning ("the best ever," said Matt aged 11) and inventive. We particularly liked the dinosaur image stepping out of a computer screen and making like a hologram around an office.

Presided over by David Attenborough ("my role model," said Matt), the film gave a superb account of the evolution of flying lizards and the millions of years that they spent ruling the skies. The information was woven in nicely with the action – there were younger children there who were equally gripped, the cinema being surprisingly quiet throughout the screening.

In an era were I am used to going to see sharp action films for children it was really fun to go to see something that we could enjoy together and chat about later, giving Matt a chance to use his newly increased vocabulary!

From a parental point of view it was nice to know that he had gone to see something that stimulated his mind as well as his eyes.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Produced by Atlantic Productions in association with Sky 3D, Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough is currently showing at BFI IMAX, London SE1 and will be at a cinema near you soon (check the website for details: www.flyingmonsters3dmovie.com).