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Cancer Buddies Network

publication date: Jan 27, 2010
author/source: Anne Coates
Cnacer Buddies network logoJust before Christmas a very dear friend on mine died of ovarian cancer. To make matters worse she was living in a different country and was quite isolated. Although we emailed each other every day, I couldn't always give her the support or the information she needed.

So I asked another close friend who had had cancer and had gone through chemo and radiotherapy if I could pass on her contact details. They corresponded by email and one friend was, I think, able to help the other although I never knew what they discussed. This in essence is what Cancer Buddies Network is about but on a much grander scale.

The network is free to join and anyone who is affected by cancer can log on and find someone who has gone through a similar experience and find support and encouragement. This is not just for those suffering from the disease but their friends and family too. People offer help and advice and a kindly ear in times of need, sometimes in the middle of the night. Often it is the relations that get forgotten when someone gets cancer and our children and teenagers are probably very vulnerable. Here is a safe place for them to find a friend and unburden themselves.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has and need some help and advice log on to www.cancerbuddiesnetwork.org

Cancer Buddies Network (CBN) is a registered charity no 1120207. The patron is the eminent cancer specialist Professor Ian Smith MD, FRCP, FRCPE, Professor of Cancer Medicine at The Royal Marsden Hospitals, Sutton and London.