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How to Stop Bullying by Marianna Csoti

publication date: Mar 1, 2008

How to Stop Bullying presents a detailed study of bullying, what can be done to prevent it, plus a look at issues around the main subject such as managing anger and increasing empathy.

Written in text book style How to Stop Bullying seems to be aimed at teachers as well as parents. Subtitled Positive Steps to Protect Children in Your Care, the book includes plenty of advice and guidance, but surprisingly little information on what to do if your own child is being bullied. Marianna Csoti also fails to address the “grey area” relationships which children often seem to have, where a good friend’s behaviour sometimes seems to stray towards bullying, but never far enough to warrant action.

How to Stop Bullying would probably be very useful for parents when addressing practicalities around bullying, for example in ensuring that a school is taking all appropriate measures when a child is being bullied. But its factual style may make it hard for anxious parents of either victims or bullies, to take on board the advice given in relation to managing children in these situations.

How to Stop Bullying  would probably be of most interest to teachers and those who care for children professionally; it’s lack of warmth and non-supportive tone would make it hard for many parents to engage with. 

Published by Right Way How to Stop Bullying is available from Amazon. To order a copy, click the link below:

How to Stop Bullying: Positive Steps to Protect Children in Your Care (Right Way)