PGL Barton Hall – Accommodation

publication date: Aug 17, 2015
author/source: Anne Coates

Barton Hall

The PGL "five" day break begins from 4.00pm on Monday and as the clock struck the allotted hour we arrived. After checking in, each family is greeted by one of the team of instructors and taken through the programme for the week. Our guy explained the  group number we were in and the meeting point number for each session. Tours of the site ran half-hourly and we soon had a fairly good idea of the layout of the Barton Hall site with its spectacular views of the countryside leading down to the sea in the distance.

We were then shown to our room. We were based in the Hall (there is also chalet accommodation situated around the main building) only to discover the room hadn't been cleaned. But our guide quickly sorted the problem and we were offered a complimentary drink in the bar while we waited.

The twin room with en suite was basic but perfectly adequate. Harriet immediately pointed out that we didn't have a bedside table which would have been nice for the lamp, positioned at the end of one bed with the tea and coffee making facilities. However the window-ledge proved to be a solution. Another addition which I  would have appreciated would be an armchair as once Harriet was in bed asleep, I had only the bed to sit on while I read.

We discovered – once in bed – that the sheets were just too small for the mattress which was irritating as they came off during the night but otherwise the beds were comfortable. There was plenty of hanging space and shelves for clothes but cases had to be piled up on the floor.

The bathroom was fine and hot water was always on tap. However, we had no shower attachment which made hair washing difficult (this did not apply to all rooms). The other problem was finding somewhere to hang things to dry. Given that some activities, like raft building, mean you end up drenched in the lake, this is a problem. Even drying our swimming costumes was a challenge. We ended up hanging them out of the window but couldn't do this for wet towels or clothes.

Our appreciation of our accommodation was certainly marred by the noise levels of other guests and obviously this is something PGL cannot be held responsible for. However maybe a reminder to guests to be considerate of others wouldn't go amiss. We were surrounded by a family/group who ran from room to room screaming and shouting while the parents remonstrated even more loudly. This does not bode well for the day ahead when this is still going on at 11pm. Fortunately, once asleep, Harriet was undisturbed.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

Anne and Harriet were given a complimentary stay at PGL Barton Hall in order to review the facilities. Staff were not aware Anne would be writing about the experience.

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