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Nature Babycare: Eco Nursing Pads, Nappy Sacks and Nappies

publication date: Aug 15, 2008
author/source: Alex Bell

Nature Babycare Biodegradable ECO Nursing Pads £3 (30)

I can think of no reason whatsoever not to use and recommend these excellent Nature Babycare ECO biodegradable nursing pads. They are made from natural tree pulp and feel very soft on the skin.

Inside the pad there is a fluid-resistant and hygienic film based on GM-free 100 per cent natural maize which lets the skin breathe and prevents any nipple irritation.

I have tried five different brands of breast pads in a search to find a personal favourite. The only reason I don’t use washable nursing pads during the day (unlike at night) is because they are too visible under my clothes.

I’m happy to say that Nature Babycare pads are my favourite. Not only are they an environmentally-friendly product being fully biodegradable but they have a good shape, are very absorbent, did not leak once and never felt "sweaty" unlike other brands, as there was no plastic internal layer. Finally the absence of a sticky pad on the reverse meant they never stuck to my skin like other brands and theoretically could be used either way around.

Nature Babycare ECO Nappy Sacks £1.49 (50)

The Nature Babycare nappy sacks are made of natural and biodegradable materials based on 100 per cent  GM free natural maize. They are totally compostable and perfume free. The sacks come in a roll of 50 and the plastic is thin but strong.

I have never liked perfumed nappy sacks and feel far happier using this product than the regular supermarket and big brand competitors.

Nature Babycare ECO Nappies £5.99 (28)

We have been testing the Nature Babycare ECO nappies, size 3 (midi) which fits 4 to 9kg babies on our 5.5kg little girl. To look at, they are as thin as other non-environmental supermarket and big name brands of disposable nappy. They feel soft whilst at the same time reducing the proportion of chemicals. Each nappy is covered with a film made from natural 100 per cent GM free maize, which let’s the baby’s skin stay dry and breathe naturally and they are 100% per cent chlorine-free.

The nappies seemed comfortable and highly absorbent as Pippa did not have wet skin when changing her. My reservation with them was that anything other than urine leaked through, involving a full change of clothes and was messy. I put this down to the fit of the nappy on Pippa; she is on the smaller end of the weight scale for these nappies and yet I had some trouble doing them up around her tummy which meant that the fit was less than perfect.

Naty products are available from most supermarkets in the UK. 

They are also available in Holland, America and Australia: www.naty.com has sections for those countries.