Magic Blackout Blind

publication date: Sep 13, 2011
author/source: Olivia Coates
Magic Blackout BlindBoth my daughter and I wake easily in daylight, and after my daughter's Sunbuster Black Out Blinds were so successful in helping her sleep I decided to try some too.

The Magic Blackout Blind boasts that they help everyone sleep, both day and night. The blinds can be used without curtains or ordinary blinds over the top – although this is not the most asthetically pleasing to the eye. 

The Magic Blackout Blind comes in sheets with perforated edges for easy detachment from one another. Having said that I discovered the blinds rip easily and putting them up is definitely a two-person job.

The Magic Blackout Blind blinds were not wide enough to fit my (fairly standard sized) window and therefore not only did I have to cut the blinds to fit lengthways, but then cut fiddly strips to fill the rest of the window. The blind has to be removed during the day, which is frustrating again as it is not just one sheet to re-stick but five, in my case.

You are advised to use the sheets of blinds for six to eight weeks depending on the number of times they are removed and reapplied. The bonus is the sheets  can be recharged by rubbing with a manmade cloth.

In Magic Blackout Blind favour, they are very versatile and are small enough to fit in a suitcase for holidays. This is especially good if your children have real trouble sleeping in different environments as they can be used anywhere and leave no residue on the window pane.

It would be better if the blinds came in various widths and lengths as cutting to size is a bit of a pain. The Magic Blackout Blind does indeed do what they state on the box – darken the room – it just depends on how much of a perfectionist you have been when cutting the blinds to fit the window, the little cracks between the sheets can be quite irritating!

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Magic Blackout Sheets A1 10 Sheets - Color: Black are available from Amazon and other stockists.