publication date: Jun 30, 2023
author/source: Olivia Coates


Thirteen years ago, when Harriet was a baby, we reviewed SnoozeShade designed and produced by Cara Sayer for her own baby. Since then the products have gone from strength to strength with a range of shades to suit your needs.

I can't believe that I still see new mums pushing buggies with a muslin draped from the hood to protect babies from the sun. Muslins and many other materials offer no sun protection! Buy a SnoozeShade!

Olivia comments: 

With all this glorious weather it is wonderful to be spending much of my maternity leave outside. However, it is impossible to stay in the shade all the time. That’s where the Snoozeshade is a necessary addition to any pram set up. The air permeable fabric ensures the baby stays cool whilst in use at the same time protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun, especially whilst they are too young for suncream.

The shade is elasticated so fits around any pram and has Velcro straps around the edges so you can secure it on. There is a handy zip in the middle which enables parents to sneak a peek at their sleeping (hopefully!) baby without disturbing them too much.

I also found, as it creates a darker environment it meant that my daughter napped for longer whilst out in the pram as she wasn’t woken by bright light or distractions.

The Snoozeshade comes in a handy little zip back which can easily fit into the bottom of any pram or discretely into a handbag/changebag. As it is so lightweight it is perfect for holiday’s abroad (or in the UK!). A must have for any new mum.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

The SnoozeShade is available from SnoozeShade in two sizes (up to and plus six months babies) as well as options for car seats and travel cots.