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Graco Symbio Travel System

publication date: May 19, 2010
author/source: Olivia Coates
Graco Symbio pramI was overdue and really restless, especially as I had a brand new Graco Symbio system to use, which I was really looking forward to taking out. Nine days later Harriet finally arrived and at five days old had her first outing in her Graco Symbio carrycot.

The Symbio carrycot is nice and cosy, ensuring the baby feels safe and secure. It's easy to fix onto the frame, with a reassuring click, and the padded mattress and sides add extra comfort. The pram is really easy to manoeuvre with one hand as the front wheels swivel, enabling controlled but effortless steering. It is also lightweight so is easy to lift on and off curbs. The frame has shock absorbing suspension and pneumatic tyres.

My partner is 6’3” and compared to him I am a dwarf, at 5’3”. The Graco Symbio system is perfect for us as the handle is high enough to be comfortable for us both to use.

The storage compartment at the bottom of the frame is the only drawback, as it is very small, preventing one from storing shopping when out and about. However, my partner thinks this is wonderful, as it prevents me from cluttering up the buggy!

I like the fact that the brake is on the side of the frame and not down by the wheels. From previous experience with firends' buggies it is often hard to find the brake if it is hidden in the wheels, especially if you are lugging around bags of shopping too. Often they tend to brake or become unstuck, leading to accidents. The Graco Symbio brake is strong and secure, which is reassuring especially on public transport.

I particularly wanted a parent facing buggy, and  like the fact that the handle bar can move from front to back, enabling the Harriet to be facing me. The system is really easy to put up and down, with the frame folding down very small, for easy storage, especially as we live in an upstairs flat, with a communal hall.

We have bought the Logico S Deluxe car seat which also clicks onto the Symbio frame. This is ideal for us as we don't have a car but do use taxis and lifts from friends! So we can go out pushing a buggy and return in a car.

The Symbio system is suitable from birth to three years. We'll be using the carrycot up to the recommended ten months and have the pushchair ready to move on to.

For more information and where to buy visit: www.symbiobygraco.co.uk/