Exams – how to support your teens

publication date: Apr 25, 2011
author/source: Anne Coates
exam teenHowever much we feel young people should be able to manage their own time, revision and actually sitting the exams, most teens benefit from a supportive parent at home. Here are my top ten tips:

  1. Plan ahead: have a copy of the exam timetable and pin it up somewhere you can all see it. It's amazing how many students turn up late or even on the wrond day to sit an exam.
  2. Have contingency plans: for travel to school (if they miss the bus or there is a problem with transport).
  3. Encourage some exercise: a walk in the park or a swim can relax the mind as well as the body.
  4. Turn off phones and computers: have an agreed time to swtich off phones and computers. You really don't want your son or daughter's sleep distrubed by calls, texts or status updates on Facebook.
  5. Set the alarm and make sure your teen allows enough time to get up, have breakfast and prepare for the day.
  6. Ensure they have eveything they need in terms of pens, their glasses if they wear them and anything else they have been tld to bring to an exam. Have all this ready the evening before so it's just a question of picking up a bag before leaving for the exam.
  7. Get them to eat well and sensibly and keep hydrated. Nutritious meals (especially breakfast before a morning exam) will help concentration.
  8. Exam strategy: hopefully your daughter or son's teachers should have done their work here but it doesn't hurt to reiterate what might seem obvious: read the exam paper throroughly, make sure you answer the correct amount of questions. If you run short of time on the last question make some bullet points or notes with an introductory paragraph to show how you would have answered the question.
  9. Last minute revision: everyone has a different way or working so what works for one of your children may not be a ppropriate for another. Some think last minute revision is abligatory others prefer to clear their mind.
  10. Post exam: don't have a big discussion about how it went what was on the paper. That exam is over and there's nothing they can do to alter what they've written. Focus on the next one. When all the exams are over, try to get them not to think about the results until they are due. Help;p your teen enjoy the summer.