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Panjango Trumps

publication date: Oct 29, 2018
author/source: Anne Coates

Panjango Trumps


Panjango Trumps pitches 50 different jobs against each other and sees which scores highest on categories like salary, brain power, and even the risk of a robot taking your job. Adults might find some of the assumptions about the jobs described off-putting or irritating especially those of us who don't like to pigeon hold people by the job they do. For instance the category "Brain Power" rates an engineer as 85 and a Town Planner as 68. Still is is only a game.

The Future Jobs extension pack explores 50 weird and wonderful jobs of the future, from Moon Miner to Memory Surgeon, or Extinction Revivalist to Robot Rights Lawyer.

Harriet loves this game and the rating below is hers. Although the pack says suitable for children aged four plus, I think older children will appreciate it far more and I'm not sure how many four year olds would be able to read the cards. Harriet is eight and soon got the hang of it. There's no real skill involved as you have to play the next card, not make any choice or educated guess.

Other games using the cards are suggested: Story Improv. Creative Writing, Challenge the Ratings and Word Associations. These offer more of a challenge and certainly extend the use of the cards.

There is also a blank card for you to copy and create your own set of trumps.

One huge advantage is that the games are portable.

A great addition as a stocking filler or a small present.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥   

Sheffield educational games company Panjango are on a mission to transform the way kids learn. The company, which is creating a world of experiential learning, wants to encourage children to think about their futures and careers through games and have just launched a campaign on Kickstarter.