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LOGO – a brand new board game to be won

publication date: Nov 10, 2009
LOGOBrands are everywhere - an every day part of all our lives. The new LOGO board game (rrp £29.99) features recognition and knowledge questions based on hundreds of the best loved and most iconic brands – from the AA, Bird's Eye and BMW to Walkers crisps and Wrigley's gum. Absolutely anyone, any age, will love this great new game.

LOGO consists of 400 question cards in three categories: 200 pictorial, 100 themed and 100 "pot luck".

Each Picture card features full- or part-logo images to identify, coupled with questions relating to the brand.

The answers on the Themed cards relate to the headings, such as "birds" (eg Kiwi Shoe Polish, Penguin, Swan Vestas) and "relatives" (eg Aunt Bessie's, Daddies, Uncle Ben's).

And in Pot Luck you'll find a huge and interesting variety of brand-related questions which have everyone wanting to shout out the answers - even if it's not their turn!

Gameplay is straightforward and speedy. Each round, the questioner picks a card and asks the player to his or her left four questions about the logo or product pictured. For every correct answer, the player moves their piece around the coloured board. If they're stumped, the question goes to the next player along.  

Everyone's making for the Winning Zone - and once there, the first person to answer his or her question correctly WINS!

For a chance of winning a LOGO board game just answer the following question:

How many categories of questions are there in LOGO?

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Winners will be the senders of the first three correct emails opened at random after 6pm on Tuesday 8 December, 2009.

Only one entry per family.  For stockists, visit www.drumondpark.com or call 01506 855577