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Home and away - wherever you are, washing your hands is the most effective way to prevent the spread of bacteria.

publication date: Jun 27, 2007
We all know the importance of hygiene and clean hands, but some hand washes can contain a cocktail of potentially harmful chemicals that can also end up causing dry skin and irritation. The A’kin hand wash and Quash hand “sanitiser” both contain natural products and are alcohol-free so they are non-drying and safe enough to use even on young children’s skins.

The A’kin Lemon Myrtle hand wash uses essential oils combined with pure non-     drying cleansers which are sulphate and paraben-free, to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and silky soft.

Uniquely Australian, Lemon Myrtle, the essence of the rainforest, reminiscent of lemongrass and lime, is made up of approximately 95 per cent sweet citral (this gives lemon, lemongrass and lemon myrtle their scent and has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties).

Neutralab’s Quash is great for cleansing your hands away from home - whether you are in the car, on public transport, travelling abroad or just having a picnic in the park – the convenient 50ml bottle fits into pockets and handbags.

It’s effective in killing 99.9 per cent of harmful germs and bacteria, and with added natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender, it’s soothing and moisturising on skin.

Availability and price
A’kin Lemon Myrtle 240ml/£6.49 (also available Eucaplyptus & Tea Tree) from health stores and pharmacies nationwide. For stockists call 0845 456 0639 for stockist information.

Quash 50ml/£2.99 on sale in WH Smith Travel Stores nationwide

PWT verdict
We loved using the A’kin Lemon Myrtle especially for its fresh scent. Leaves hands feeling clean and no irritation or drying effect – a boon for someone prone to eczema and sensitive skin. The bottle also lasts a long time so good value for money.

Quash was tried out enthusiastically by groups of children aged between five and ten. They enjoyed using it and loved the foaming quality and the smell. No drying or irritation to skin. Up to 125 "quashes" so again good value for money.