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Yoga: Less is more by James De Maria

publication date: Apr 4, 2008
author/source: Anne Coates

Yoga has always been my favourite exercise – basically because I love the feeling of calm I have after a class. Even when I find a set particularly challenging, the stretches, as I attempt a pose, always feel beneficial.

James De Maria’s two DVD pack offers a guided sequence of yoga postures beginning with a warm-up and ending with relaxation and some instructions on Ujjai Breath – something I’ve yet to master! The postures look deceptively simple but can be extended for those who are more adept or flexible.

If you are not familiar with yoga it would be wise to watch the exercises on this DVD before attempting them. The sequence lasts just under 40 minutes but you could mix and match for a shorter session – as James says, “Even ten minutes a day is better than nothing!”

The other DVD is a library of floor-based exercises which incorporate pilates, release technique, and yoga targeting specific areas of tension like the shoulders and back and includes some basic principles of meditation. These exercises are low impact and can be done without a warm-up so you can choose what and for how long you exercise.

What I like about James’ presentation is that he doesn’t talk unneccessarily  - another case of less is more!

The Yoga: Less is more DVDs are filmed in Ibiza where James De Maria runs courses.

The DVD is £25 including postage and packaging available from www.demariayogadance.com