The Karwendel Spa at Hotel Wiesenhof

publication date: Apr 7, 2012
author/source: Anne Coates

Wiesenhof spaAt Hotel Wiesenhof it couldn't be easier to take advantage of the Karwendel Spa wellness facilities. In your hotel room there is a "sauna basket" which includes towelling robes and towels (plus pegs with your room number on for easy identification). If you have children with you you can also get smaller sized robes. Whenever you want to take advantage of the  Karwendel Spa, pop on your robe and take the lift to the first floor and follow directions...

The swimming pool is open all day as is the Panorama sun room where you can stretch out and read or doze or contemplate the stunning scenery. Within this lounge is the Achensee grotto – a room where you can meditate on the light patterns reflected from the mirrored fountain, while absorbing the relaxing fragrances. Apparently guests often doze off there in the comfortable warmth but I managed to stay awake!

The sauna section is open from 1pm. This is a spacious area with natural light from the windows overlooking the mountains. Here you are requested not to wear synthetic bathing suits but if you don't want to bear all you can get a "sauna apron" from reception. 

There are four saunas to choose from – or use each of them! The alpine herb sauna is as it suggests and there are open cubicles to sit in. I particularly liked the saline steam bath with its fine mist of  of dissolved brine which is pumped into the room at regular intervals. The sweat room is a more gentle heat and your session here can last for up to an hour as you use the Kneipp hose to speed up the detoxification process. 

Wiesenhof spaThe beehive sauna is situated just outside the building and, as the name suggests, used to house the Wiesenhof beehives. Here the sauna gets up to a temperature of 85°C and a session of ten to 15 minutes is recommended. I loved this one with its wooden slats and little windows onto the world.

Each sauna has  a description and instructions displayed outside. Children under 12 are not allowed in the area and this is a very peaceful place to be. Between saunas I used the foot whirlpools which can be either cold or hot and provide a pleasant foot massage. Plus there are Vitality Showers to experiment with and heated beds in a sun room which overlooks the mountains. Various herbal teas are available as well as water to keep you hydrated.

All these facilities are free for Wiesenhof guests. The perfect way to wind down and relax.

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥