Swimming Lessons for Babies

publication date: Apr 4, 2016
author/source: Laura Molloy

SwimbabesSwimming lessons are a compulsory part of the National Curriculum in the UK, but it is estimated a staggering one in three children cannot swim by the time they leave primary school. I am the Founder of one of the UK’s leading baby swim class companies Swimbabes and believe it is vital children learn to swim as young as possible. Learning basic water skills, could one day save their own, or someone else’s life. 

Babies have a natural affinity with water – it is a free environment where they can feel totally liberated. Babies who learn this key life-saving skill from an early age have a much greater regard for water when they grow older and in turn are generally safer around it – and many can swim independently by as young as two years old.

Why swimming is good for your baby:

  • Physical strength is built through muscle development. A weekly swim provides a workout that will strengthen the heart and lungs.
  • Intelligence is developed through baby being stimulated; baby swim classes are structured and use building blocks based around baby’s own development.
  • Language development is improved as babies are constantly interacting with each other throughout a baby swim session.
  • Emotional contact is pivotal to water confidence. Starting to swim early can avoid traumatic experiences that some children go through when learning to swim at an older age.
  • Social skills abound at baby swim sessions. Little swimmers are constantly interacting with adults, other babies and children. Parents also interact and socialise with each other. These unique swimming sessions can develop a special relationship, which are looked forward to each week.

Did you know?

  • Babies have a natural gag reflex, which is strongest in little-ones up to six months old. It enables them to hold their breath underwater and provides a gentle introduction to submersion.
  • Babies also have primitive swimming stroke actions up to six months of age and can propel themselves through the water easily.

Swimbabes are committed to providing local parents and babies with quality classes in warm pools and encouraging them to get in to the water and get fit as a family. The Swimbabes course takes babies as young as four weeks and consists of ten week terms with a structured programme consisting of a wide range of skill to be mastered including swim to hold on, safe jumps, underwater turns and being able to paddle across the pool independently while taking regular breaths. Swimbabes lessons are fun, the classes use lots of games and nursery rhymes that you will play for many years to come with your little swimmers.