Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard

publication date: Dec 5, 2009
author/source: Tim Walder
rugbyShock Doctor Sports Technology Braces Gum Guard adult (age 11 and older) unisex strapless – in plain English this is a set of gum guards for use by adults and older children in contact sports such as rugby. They promise five-way protection against oral laceration, tooth injury, brain concussion, TMJ disorder and jaw fracture. 

Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard feature air cushioned shock pads, an orthodontal channel, instant fit (no boiling) and are made of medical grade silicone. The ones we tried were designed for people with braces, which my son does not have. Perhaps for this reason they were a bit large. They consist of a rubbery thing you fit over your top teeth

My son was keen to use them for rugby and they are an exciting shade of blue. The general impression was that they were a high end product which would provide good protection, although my son has not had any tackles yet where they might have saved his teeth, so they have yet to be put to the test

The (American) makers seem confident, offering a $10,000 dental warranty, so if your child’s teeth get knocked out wearing these you can probably afford to fly to the States to get them put back in. 

They seemed a solid product and certainly inspired confidence.

SHOCK DOCTOR Braces Mouthguard, ADULT