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Organix baby foods put to the test

publication date: Nov 9, 2009
author/source: Alex Bell and Nicole Burroughs
Organix fruit"Yummm" said Pippa at the mere sight of the as yet unopened Organix fruit pot. At nearly 20 months she is a connoisseur of Organix purées and snacks. It was her big brother's comment that made me laugh "why do they have to put babies on the pots when big boys eat them too!?" Sure enough they have both enjoyed the flavours we've been sampling - apple and vanilla plus apple, banana and plum.

Organix promise "no junk" and the ingredients list is reassuringly pure with no added sugar, no colourings, no flavourings. The labelling is really clear with a "taste" and "texture" as well as "age" recommendation.

The plastic pots are most convenient, no need for a fridge which is great for taking out and about as well as being nice and lightweight rather than heavier glass. I tried to work out which flavour Pippa likes best but she relishes all pots equally.

What's not to love about Organix? From weaning babe to schoolboy, their products are really easy to find in shops and always hit the spot.
Alex Bell

organix savoury packI am a big fan of Organix's finger foods - in fact I seldom go anywhere without a pack of Organix Rice Cakes (Eva particularly loves the Blueberry ones).  I also recently discovered Organix's range of fruit purées, which really are very good. Unlike some of the other brands, they are a nice thick consistency (better for staying on the spoon!), and they have a really good variety of flavours - the apple and plum ones are particularly good.

Organix have expanded their range savoury meal pots  and some are definitely even more tasty.   

Although Eva (now 15 months) is really too old for these types of foods, I do still use them on occasion when we're out and about, and it's great to know she's getting a healthy and nutritious meal, even when we're on the hoof.

I certainly buy into the Organix philosophy and would recommend all of their products to other mums, and I can see myself carrying around packs of Organix Rice Cakes to keep Eva away from crisps until she is much much older!
Nicole Burroughs

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