NOT your average MATHS BOOK, by Anna Weltmann & Paul Boston

publication date: Mar 16, 2022
author/source: Christine Mayle

I thought for a long time about how I feel towards NOT your average MATHS BOOK, by Anna Weltmann & Paul Boston anNot your average Maths bookd put simply – I love it!


I have enjoyed mathematics all my life and just wish this book had been around both whilst learning mathematics myself and during my teaching career. Living in a country where it’s not really "cool" to want to study mathematics let alone enjoy it, I have tried every means possible (and still do with my own grandchildren) to inspire people’s enthusiasm, imagination and an interest in mathematics. Anna Weltmann and Paul Boston obviously feel the same way. This book has lovely and important ideas and facts, put together in an attractive format.  


Looking through NOT your average MATHS BOOK, you’re drawn into the mystery, history and magic not just of numbers but also mathematics as a whole. Mathematics exists in all parts of our lives and this book reflects this beautifully. The book is colourful, bright and very appealing for young and old readers.


Our eldest grandchild, aged six, found the detail across the different topics, for example "Shapes in Space", and "Maths in the Garden", especially appealing. The language is challenging for younger children so they will need adult support, but older children and young adults will find the mingling of reading and mathematical information more accessible.


For teachers and lecturers in Initial Teacher Training this book is a gem. During my teaching career I spent hours looking for ways of integrating and diversifying mathematics into topics.  NOT your average MATHS BOOK, by Anna Weltmann and Paul Boston is ideal for this. It provides numerous starting points, not only for deepening mathematical knowledge but cross-curricular themes. It is an amazing springboard for motivating and challenging children to want to find out more.


The dialogue puts forward interesting facts about commonly known symbols such as pi (π) to draw out mathematical concepts. Questions posed are probing: For example "Why are bubbles always round?" The more you delve into this book the more difficult it gets to put it down. 


I highly recommend NOT your average MATHS BOOK, by Anna Weltmann & Paul Boston published by Wide Eyed Editions for people of all ages. RRP £9.99 (what a bargain!)

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥