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Join Naybly to Keep in Touch

publication date: Mar 22, 2020
author/source: Anne Coates


Nico Nicholas, CEO and founder, and team spent the last week working on a system that can help people connect with their neighbours and especially important for those in isolation right now – the system will only be useful if enough people use it – this is what they’ve done: In light of self-isolation, and to help people help each other through these times, we created a 100 per cent free tool called "Naybly" (the easy way to be and spell neighbourly) that helps people connect with their neighbours.

The way works is:

  • A user signs up for free at
  • The system locates them
  • They can post “requests” for things such as milk, pasta, supermarket or pharmacy runs, or simply ask for help or offer help to/from people near them
  • Their request, offer or information post goes to the 20 nearest people to them, registered with – there is also an online message board with these messages – only first names are shown
  • Neighbours then live chat to each other, either 1 to 1 or as a group chat, and arrange between themselves
  • The main benefit of is that people don’t need to create or join groups or be overwhelmed by requests from people who are not near to them.

Scammers would also find it difficult to infiltrate because Naybly uses (and insists) on browser location and email verification, so only those close to you will receive or be able to send requests.

Naybly also works globally, and could be used long after COVID-19 is gone, to give neighbourhoods an easy way to communicate with each other and help each other, without sharing who you are until you want to – there is of course a "report user" function – it’s kind of like an electronic pin board that is accurate to within a few metres, but which can reach miles depending on how many people have joined in a neighbourhood or how rural a place may be.

Version 1 is now live at