Fun-2-3 Instant Camera by Leapfrog

publication date: Jul 12, 2021
author/source: Joanna Roberts




Designed to enable children to learn through play, the Fun-2-3 Instant Camera helps to develop imagination, role play and fine motor skills. Not only will children enjoy the pop-up fun of ejecting each photo card, but they can also look through the colour viewfinder and turn the "lens" to learn opposites, such as night and day.


Ideal for days out and travelling this summer, children will enjoy pretending to take fun photos and what’s more, all five photo cards are easily stored using the handy wrist strap so no parts will be lost along the way! 


We were lucky enough to try out the camera by Leapfrog with our young son who is 22 months. The camera is bright and durable, perfect for little hands, and it has so far survived a good few drops on the hard floor too! It's a role play type toy, with the camera having various features, including lights, switches, buttons to press, songs being played and questions being asked too. It comes with five double-sided photo cards, each containing an animal, shapes and a scene, which the child can insert into the slot in the camera and the camera then springs into life talking about the card that has just been inserted.


Our son was fascinated by camera and loves to sit and put each card in the slot making it perfect for honing his fine motor skills. Having the songs and voices coming from the camera is great at this age, he understands everything it says so he can follow the instructions and was also able to learn new words too.  He is very interested in counting at the moment, so he particularly enjoyed counting the various shapes and animals along with the voice coming from the camera. A great success in our house, and a great one to take on the go in the pram or on car journeys. It should also last for a quite a while yet, as his counting and language improve, he will be able to engage with it more and more.


We have had a few other Leapfrog toys before, and they have always been a success – built to last, fun and engaging, and this one was no different.


PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


Available from Symths Toys Superstores, Very, John Lewis, Asda and Amazon:


LeapFrog 612203 Fun-2-3 Instant Camera