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FreeFrom Food Awards – 2011

publication date: Jun 4, 2011
Freefrom LogoIf, like me, you are intolerant or allergic to some foods, it's often a bit of a trial and error to find good quality, palatable substitutes. Now the FreeFrom Food Award logo takes the uncertainty out of the equation – you can be sure you are buying a quality product.

Overall Winner of the FAIR trophy for the Best FreeFrom Food 2011
Doves Farm Self Raising Flour Blend

Category Winners
1. Innovation Award Sponsored by Livwell 
Mamma Cucina gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free vegetable quiche

2. Dairy and/or lactose-free animal milk, butter, yogurt 
Sponsored by Swedish Glace
Delamere Dairy Goat's Butter

3. Plant (soya, rice,oat, nut, potato) "milk", spread, yogurt & "cheese" Sponsored by Delamere Dairy
Milks: Rice Dream
Spreads: Le Sojami Fresh Soy Paté with Olives

4. • NEW • FreeFrom breakfast cereals Sponsored by Tesco
Nature's Path Organic Mesa Sunrise

5. FreeFrom breads and bread mixes Sponsoredby Tesco
Dietary Specialds Ciabatta Rolls

6. FreeFrom pasta and pizza bases/mixes Sponsored by Produced in Italy
Hale & Hearty Quinoa and Rice Penne

7. • NEW • FreeFrom foods manufactured for food service Sponsored by Lactofree
Doves Farm Batter Mix
Doves Farm Fairtrade biscuit crumb

8. • NEW • FreeFrom ingredients: flour, stock, marinades, sweeteners, pastry/pastry mixes and sauces Sponsored by Asda
Doves Farm Self Raising Flour Blend

9. FreeFrom savoury pies, flans, sausages and ready meals Sponsored by Genon Laboratories
Look What We Found Spiced lamb meat balls
The Black Farmer Premium Pork Sausages           

10. FreeFrom savoury biscuits and snacks Sponsored by Goodness Direct           
Clearspring Organic Rice cakes - Sea Vegetable & Black Pepper
Clearspring Organic Rice cakes - Tamari & Black Sesame

11. FreeFrom scones, sweet tarts, cake bars, muffins, brownies Sponsored by the Food and Drink Innovation Network
Go Free Foods Chocolate and Almond Brownies

12. FreeFrom sweet biscuits and cookies (including Jaffa cakes)
Pourtoi Raisin chocolate Chip Cookies

13. FreeFrom cakes and cake mixes (including cup cakes) Sponsored by Mrs Crimbles
Marks & Spencer's Almond Frangipan Traybake

14. FreeFrom puddings, sweet pies, desserts, cheesecakes Sponsored by Hale & Hearty
BoojaBooja Stuff in a Tub Hunky Punky Chocolate

15. FreeFrom chocolates and snack bars Sponsored by Tesco
Go*Do Chocolate Bar

16. FreeFrom Christmas foods Sponsored by Genius Gluten Free
Sainsbury's FreeFrom Christmas pudding

17. Gluten-free beer Sponsored by Asda
Green's Bottle Refermented Blonde Ale