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publication date: May 16, 2011
babyI remember my own baby always had colic from about 6 to 8pm – the cocktail hour! And indeed I tried a cocktail of remedies in the hope of bringing relief. It doesn't help when other people wisely nod their heads and tell you the baby will grow out of it!

Dr Keith Souter recommends the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla, "This can be given as teething granules and may help. Just dissolve two or three granules in a little water and give that two or three times a day, or as needed."

Olivia Coates found the herbal remedy Windypops brought great relief and this can be bought at healthfood shops and some pharmacies. She also used Kiwiherb Children's Chamomile (£10.49/50ml, £15.34/100ml) to good effect. 

To help provide parents with tips, Colief – makers of infant colic drops – has created a short video with Baby Massage Expert Gayle Berry, introducing three new mums to baby massage, yoga, and some comforting holds to help settle their babies. Baby massage is also a useful technique to help manage the symptoms of colic.