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Ben 10: Alien Force

publication date: Dec 8, 2009
author/source: Tim Walder
Ben 10: Alien ForceBen 10: Alien Force contains five episodes of the ever popular Cartoon Network hero. My eleven year old watched it happily and enjoyed the episodes. 

Ben 10 is an apparently ordinary boy who enjoys the ability of being able to transform into a huge and powerful monster of his choice. This is only done in extreme circumstances to defeat the evil ones, who are normally aliens. The cartoon is of the drawn type and features dramatic music. 

Most children, especially boys would enjoy this if they were in the age range four to nine or so. Ben 10 fans would love it.  The character is powerful and offers opportunities for dressing up and fantasy play.

Episodes include:

Ben 10 Returns: Part 1 – Ben teams up with Gwen and his former nemesis Kevin to search for Grandpa Max. But what they find is the Forever Knights trading dangerous weapons!

Ben 10 Returns: Part 2 – Ben and the team search a secret base in the hope of finding Max. Instead, they find the Highbreed’s spaceship with a massive cannon aimed at a nearby town.

Everybody Talks About the Weather – Gwen discovers that Max’s Plumbers Badge shows the location of other Plumbers and it leads them to a young Heatblast in his own battle with DNAliens!

Kevin’s Big Score – Kevin steals the Rustbucket and tries to swap it for some alien gear! But Ben and Gwen learn they must trust him when they have to face off with Vulkanus.

All That Glitters – Ben’s leadership skills are put to the test when he receives a message from Max to gather a team of heroes. And when he recruits a new ally he risks an all out mutiny!

The DVD comes with speech (and subtitles) in English, French, German, Italian and Catalan Spanish and could be used to reinforce language learning


Ben 10: Alien Force from Warner Home Video is available from Amazon. To order a copy, click the link below:

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