Add plants to bedrooms to keep kids happier and healthier

publication date: Oct 14, 2007
author/source: Sarah Holland

Kids will love having a special plant just for themselves in their room, and you will appreciate your kids staying healthy and happy  - all from a few green leaves!

Plants are great for kids’ rooms. Did you know that indoor plants:

  • can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and colds by more than 30 per cent – perfect to ward off classroom bugs;
  • absorb and lessen noise by up to  20 per cent – choose plants with small leaves for maximum effect;
  • aid concentration, help memory recall, and encourage positive thinking – great for any learning environment, especially where your children are doing homework;
  • absorb toxins and harmful chemicals from the atmosphere – spider plants can remove 96 per cent of carbon monoxide from the air. If you have moved into a new house or have bought new furnishings, a house plant is very effective in removing the formaldehyde emitted from MDF, carpets and paint.

The top five
Any plant will help relieve stress and improve air quality (fantastic for childhood asthma), but some are better at removing harmful chemicals from the air than others. The plants – and your offspring – will carry on growing healthily.

Look out for the top five:

  • Rubber plant – will put up with low light and cooler temperatures and especially effective at removing formaldehyde.
  • Boston fern – useful for asthmatics and those suffering from sore throats. This plant likes misting with water – even a water pistol can be used for this - a lovely job for children to get involved in.
  • Pot chrysanthemum or gerbera – if you would like a smiley flower face to add a bit of colour, these beauties are simple to look after and are some of the best plants at removing many harmful toxins from the air.
  • Ivy – affordable, resilient and available everywhere. Train one on a topiary frame in the shape of a teddy bear or animal for a fun look.
  • Peace lily – a great all-rounder, and looks beautiful and serene. It tells you when it needs water with drooping leaves, so it’s a wonderful plant for a busy mum who can’t remember when the plants were last watered!

Green houseplants are very easy to care for. Water every ten days to two weeks and feed every month.

Worried about them being knocked over? Place in a hard-to-reach spot or put in a goldfish bowl or large, transparent container – then the plant cannot  be knocked over, eaten or damaged.

Get the kids involved in accessorising the container to match their room. Use off-cuts of material or wallpaper to stick to the pot, or get them to design their own cover using paints, glitter and felt.

You could even shake glitter like fairy dust over a plant to make it shimmer in the light, or place favourite toys among the leaves as a secret hiding place!

For more information on healthy houseplants and happy flowers, visit Flowers & Plants.

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