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Arlo Needs Glasses by Barney Saltzberg

publication date: Sep 13, 2012
author/source: Anne Coates
Arlo Needs Glasses by Barney SaltzbergIt's only when you struggle to do something you once found easy – like playing catch – that you realise you may need your eyes tested! In Barney Saltzberg's enchanting book, Arlo Needs Glasses, this is what happens to a beloved pet dog!

Arlo suddenly can't catch the ball and his young owner tries to help before taking Arlo to have his eyes tested. Yes, he needs glasses and there are four pairs included in pockets in the book for Arlo to try on...

Then Arlo can play ball again and engage in his favourite pastime – reading – you'll love his library!

Harriet in Arlo's glassesArlo Needs Glasses is an engaging and beautifully illustrated picture book for young children (and their older readers). Harriet loved it. There are flaps to pull and actions to perform.

Perfectly pitched for young children, Arlo Needs Glasses is imaginative and fun, just like Barney Saltzberg's previously reviewed book from Workman Publishing: Beautiful OOPS!

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Arlo Needs Glasses is available from Amazon.