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Well done Amazon! Could do better Mothercare!

publication date: Dec 14, 2009
author/source: Anne Coates

thumbs up and downLast week I pre-ordered a DVD from Amazon. A couple of days later I saw the same title at half the price on offer in Sainsburys. I kicked myself but  you can't win them all.

Therefore I was delighted to receive an email from Amazon to say they had repriced the DVD and had refunded the difference – and I hadn't had to ask! Great!

I wasn't so impressed with Mothercare. I bought two packs of maternity tights and when I got home realised I'd mistakenly bought two packs the same colour. Mothercare, apparently, will not exchange tights even when they obviously haven't been removed from the pack. Fortunately I'd seen at the till that the pants I was going to buy were in fact thongs and had those refunded. Otherwise I'd have been stuck with those as well!

If you have had good or bad service anywhere - let us know.