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Dora The Explorer - Big Sister Dora DVD

publication date: Sep 4, 2007
Toby's allegiance to Dora has endured eighteen months and shows no sign of stopping despite an obsession with trains and "big boys programmes" like Numberjacks!

Dora is a bi-lingual explorer with a tomboyish nature and a good line in t-shirts and shorts. Her clothing goes a long way in helping engage boys who would otherwise lose interest. My example, Toby immediately associates Disney's "girlie" princesses with his cousin Lydia, but they can both enjoy Dora. Dora's companion on her adventures is her little red boot-wearing friend, Boots the monkey. Episodes never deviate from the winning formula as Dora and Boots are helped on a three-stage journey by her talking Backpack and Map, solving puzzles and helping people along the way.  
Episodes are set out like computer adventure games with a mouse showing the different decisions that Dora and the viewers will make. Dora pauses for responses and our two and a half year old is more than happy to give them. There is just the right amount of repetitiveness to keep him satisfied, such as the simple songs sung by the map and the backpack, as well as Dora's signature song, "Vamonos," "let's go" in Spanish (as any Dora fan will be able to tell you!). At the same time, new characters, like Dora's cousins Diego and Daisy, turn up to keep things interesting.
This DVD includes two episodes which celebrate Dora's family: in Big Sister Dora, Dora and Boots have some exciting news and hurry home to meet a new family member. On the way, they guess whether the baby will be a boy or a girl and the episode ends with a lovely surprise. In Dora Saves the Game, Dora's cousin Daisy is playing in a big football game and the family have gathered to watch her play on TV. Daisy's team is missing a player, can Dora reach the sports stadium in time to help save the game?
There are also two bonus episodes Job Day and A Letter for Swiper.
Why do I like Dora? She's resourceful and always solves her adventures by being clever at riddles or counting and she is physically active. Dora is entertaining and educational, I can't think of another character that has taught toddlers basic Spanish phrases. The formulaic style appeals to boys and girls and Toby does find Dora very "cute". Dora teaches, but in the best way possible, as children are having too much fun with the show to realise they're actually learning something in the process.

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Dora - Big Sister Dora [2004]