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Stain removal - OxiClean is given the PWT challenge

publication date: Jul 5, 2008

OxiClean was effective at cleaning the decking in my garden. (I also used it on paving stones, though it is not a suggested use.) It removed years of dirt and some vile green Cuprinol that I had misguidedly painted the deck with a couple of years back. It exposed the wood colour again and also removed the algae which had made the deck perilous when it was wet.

It was satisfying to use - I did not have to scrub very hard and it was nice to hear the little bubbles doing their work with no help from me during the waiting time (five to 30 minutes). The only drawback was it was not very easy to dissolve, but  perhaps this does not matter. I would recommend it to people for the tasks I used it for. Karen Trinder

I really liked this product. I liked the fact that it did not contain any bleaching agents and was simple to use, particularly as an in-wash booster. My washing certainly benefited from adding OxiClean to the cycle. Using it as a booster meant adding it to the main washing powder compartment along with my washing tablets. I particularly liked it for all those greying whites. It didn’t always work  - a very persistent stain that I cannot detect what it might be has proved impossible to shift.

However one failure doesn’t deter me, I shall be looking out  for OxiClean on the shelves of the local supermarket, as my current tub is about to run out! Louise Pollard

Quite simply, this product works and it’s fragrance and chlorine free. It has been designed to especially remove stains from delicate fabrics. With a 15 week old baby and a three year old, stained clothes and lots of loads of laundry are the order of the day. Whether it was grass stains on summer shorts and t-shirts or delicate but soiled baby wear everything looks better for the addition of this simple to use product to our regular washing powder. I will definitely be buying OxiClean again. Alex Bell

I was really impressed when OxiClean managed to remove the “shadow” of an old stain on a shirt when I added it to the washing machine. Then my daughter was devastated when she noticed a large brown stain on a brand new white cardi (bought in San Francisco so not easily replaceable!) she’d just worn for the first time.  A long soak in OxiClean and then washed at 30 degrees removed every trace! It’s also great for adding to a wash for any stains you might have missed! Fabulously useful product! Anne Coates

I tried OxiClean on two white linen blouses and I was pleasantly surprised when the stains disappeared in the washing machine. The following week I washed a tablecloth and four stubborn stains remained after a normal wash. I soaked the tablecloth but no success and then put back in the machine with other general items of clothing plus the OxiClean and surprise, surprise, the stains disappeared!

I therefore highly recommend this product to be used with usual washing powder as it seems very effective. It also has no other adverse affects on the rest of the wash and colours seem unaffected. Definitely a handy product to have under the sink for those unexpected stains. Ann Lloyd

OxiClean Simple is available from Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons, Somerfield and Wilkinsons, priced at £3.49/500g tub.