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Anti Ageing Hand Treatment Gloves

publication date: Mar 9, 2012
author/source: Julia Bairstow & Anne Coates
Anti Ageing Hand Treatment GlovesAs I have got older I have been quite conscious of the early signs of ageing, especially on the back of my hands. Therefore I was keen to try these Anti Ageing Hand Treatment Gloves, which contained Vitamin E, Macadamia Butter and Grape Seed Oil and which claimed that after use,"‘hands will look younger with a spectacular improvement in texture and appearance." 

I wore the treatment gloves for the specified 15 minutes and once removed I gently rubbed in  the residue, which took about ten minutes before all of it was completely absorbed and I was able to use my hands freely again. Although initially my hands felt smooth and soft to touch, after about half an hour they appeared similar to how they originally had been prior to the treatment, with the reappearance of the wrinkly texture on the backs.

Personally I felt that these gloves provided fewer benefits for me than I have from regular use of a good quality hand lotion.
Julia Bairstow

I put on one glove only to find I couldn't open the other with my fingers encased so if you are using the Anti Ageing Hand Treatment Gloves make sure you open them out properly first!

The gloves were quite large so I massaged my hands and fingers for maximum coverage. When I removed them after the required 15 minutes my hands felt smooth but not more so than when using a hand cream. I didn't have to wait the ten minutes Julia did, rubbing in the residue afterwards.

One could get a similar effect by applying a lot of hand cream and then wrapping your hands in clingfilm. As these  Anti Ageing Hand Treatment Gloves are one use only, at £4.50 a pair, they do work out to be an expensive treat.
Anne Coates

PWT rating: ♥♥♥♥

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