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Costa Children's Book Award winner announced

publication date: Jan 3, 2012
Blood Red RoadFormer opera singer and debut children's writer, Moira Young has won the Costa Children's Book Award for her novel Blood Red Road, currently being adapted for film by Scott Free UK, Ridley Scott's production company.

Blood Red Road is set in a lawless future land, where life is cheap and survival is hard. Saba’s twin brother is stolen by mysterious, black-robed riders. She sets out on a desperate journey to find him. Ahead lie violence and treachery, and Saba will need a spirit as tough as her crossbow to survive. But her companions are the cleverest bird that ever flew, and a handsome thief with eyes the colour of moonlight…

Blood Red Road has recently been optioned for film by Ridley Scott’s production company, Scott Free UK, and is currently being adapted by award-winning playwright and screenwriter, Jack Thorne.

Blood Red Road is available from Amazon.

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