Alma Win eco-friendly cleaning products

publication date: Jul 29, 2010
author/source: Karen Trinder
I tested Alma Win household cleaner and also their liquid detergent.

alma win liquidAlma Win products are organic, dermatologically tested, biodegradable and suitable for vegans, so they started off with many advantages to my mind. As someone who tries very hard to avoid all animal products and any products tested on animals, I know how difficult and expensive it is to find products that fit my requirements.

The detergent worked very effectively in my machine and seemed to get all the stains out of our laundry with no problems. We suffer from eczema and there are frequently greasy stains on our clothes from Alma Win householdemoillents, so this again was impressive. I had taken to using biological powders to remove the fatty stains but this was not necessary with this detergent in use. The laundry dried very soft and nice to touch. All in all, this was a product that is easy to recommend.

The household cleaner was also very effective, lifting the dirt from my tiled kitchen floor easily. It does not foam so is easy to apply and there is no need to rinse. I clean the floor using a cloth and bucket and my hands did not become irritated by the product, despite its effectiveness.

I have no reservation about recommending these products - effective and ethically sound. I hope that many people will buy them. 

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